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When we got asked to master Raf’s album, we were honoured to work with someone who we knew from Falmouth. Have a read about Raf below and go and check him out on his socials! You can have a listen to the album by clicking here.

Hey! Solo project, here. I have written, performed and created music for as long as I can remember – making music which I felt replicated my feelings, thoughts, worries and heartache at that present moment. In 2018, I (finally) released my album ‘PANIC ATTACKS ARE REAL!!! (and so are monsters)’ after five painful years of writing, re-writing, producing and re-producing. It attempted to document the mental spirals which take place when going headfirst into a burnout or breakdown. I live in Brighton and spend most of my time staring into the distance, confused or unsure on what to do.




"I had been sitting on a project for YEARS and these guys gave it the push needed to be complete. The mastering process was quick and painless and they always replied promptly. My tracks came back full of life, louder and with lots of energy. Highly recommend working with them if you think you are 99% done with a project but can't figure out the last %."

Solo Project


Solo Project

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