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A deposit is required to confirm all studio bookings at Mount Street Studios Ltd, whether it be a tutorial, recording, production etc. This deposit is non-refundable and shall be equal to 50% of the cost of the total time booked. Following an enquiry, an email will be sent to the client outlining the services and pricing information for that booking, as well as the deposit invoice through our booking provider, Square. Once the client’s deposit is received, their provisional booking will be made firm, and they will receive email confirmation. Mount Street Studios Ltd. reserves the right to make the client’s date (s) available to other customers if the client’s deposit payment has not been received 1 week before the session date.

Mount Street Studios Ltd. may also keep the client’s email address for marketing purposes. No electronic data of any client is shared with third parties.


A 50% deposit of the total booking is required for all sessions and must be paid within the 48 hour period beginning on the day on which the confirmation email is sent to the client. The client will then receive an email from our payment provider Square, confirming the details and total cost of the booking, and allowing the client to complete the deposit payment via card. The client will also be able to download an invoice for your records from Square. If the client chooses to pay via Bank Transfer, our bank details will be included on their Square invoice.


Unless otherwise agreed, payment is required upon completion of each session. Payments may be made by card, cash or bank transfer. Audio recordings, mixes, or masters will not be released until payment has been made in full.

Revisions & Turnaround

For mixing and mastering, two revisions are always included with the service free of charge. An unlimited revisions service is also available for clients. The normal expected turnaround for a mixing or mastering service is between 7 to 10 working days. It should be noted that even if a project is turned around by us in 10 working days, the client is still entitled to their two free revisions. The first revision will usually be an audio mix, to see if the client is happy with the levels. This revision is free and does not affect the client’s two free revisions. After this has been approved by the client, Mount Street Studios will continue to process the mix. Every mix that is sent to the client will include security beeps. This is the studio’s policy and client’s must abide by it. Security beeps are put in place, so that the client cannot take away the mix/master without paying the remaining 50% completion fee. Once this fee has been paid, Mount Street Studios Ltd. will release the mix/master immediately to the client. If the client has made a booking for just recording and wishes to take away the raw stems after the session, once the remaining 50% completion fee for their booking has been paid, the studio will export the tracks and either send to the client via WeTransfer, or if the client has a USB storage device, will transfer the files onto that.

Late Policy

The client will have a 15 minute arrival grace period from the scheduled start time of their session. If the client does not arrive after these 15 minutes, the session clock will start and will be counted against their studio time. Following this 15 minute period, the engineer will wait a further 15 minutes. Should the client fail to arrive after this 30 minute period, the engineer will consider the session cancelled. Please call if you are running late.

Studio Time

When possible, clients may setup prior to their allocated start time. Please call the day before a session to determine if an early setup is possible. We will accommodate this when possible, but cannot guarantee it.

Confidentiality, Project Backups/Data Protection

Mount Street Studios Ltd. will provide the client’s finished product by transferring the product to the client via email services, using WeTransfer.com. If the client should wish to take the audio away, they will need to provide their own backup device for file storage. Once the client’s session is complete, Mount Street Studios Ltd. will archive all project files. These files will be removed from our main system, but if the situation arises, they can be recalled from the archive if required. Digital storage systems can experience accidental data loss, and therefore we cannot guarantee the safe use or storage of digital audio files. Although rare, bugs, hardware failures, and glitches, may result in the loss of data. Mount Street Studios Ltd accepts no liability for the usage or storage of any data or audio files. After 6 months of the session/final mix completion, the data will be removed from the archive.

Mount Street Studios Ltd. may also request that a client’s project materials (I.e stems, mixes, mixdowns, photography or video of recording, mixing etc) be used in social media content such as YouTube media, on-site tuition and portfolio. If a client’s material is used in any of the prior examples, they will always be credited and a link will be provided to their site or similar media. All rights for the material belong to the artist and Mount Street Studios Ltd will always advise the artist on the use of their material. If the client does not wish for their work to be used in any or all of the prior examples, they may advise Mount Street Studios Ltd. by email.

Session Over-Run

If the session the client has booked with Mount Street Studios Ltd over-runs, any additional time will be charged at the standard hourly rate of that service. If a Dry Hire service is booked, this will be subject change as the hourly/day rates differ for weekdays and weekends.


While we understand that in certain circumstances clients need to cancel sessions, this however causes a financial inconvenience not only the studio, but the engineer too. Clients may cancel or change their bookings at anytime up to 1 week before the scheduled start time. Cancellations or changes within 1 week of the scheduled booking are subject to a 50% cancellation fee. Cancellations or changes within 24 hours of the scheduled booking and no-shows are subject to a 100% cancellation fee. Any cancellation fee will be charged to the client via invoice.

If the Studio must cancel a session due to illness or other reasonable cause, the Studio will reschedule the session for the earliest available time consistent with the needs of the Client. In the event neither the Client nor the Studio can agree upon a date and time for a session, the Studio will refund the deposit in full.


Mount Street Studios Ltd. cannot accept any liability for Client’s failure to arrive in time for their scheduled booking, loss or damage to their digital files, damage to instruments or equipment belonging to either party when caused by the client, failure of the client to pay resulting in their materials being withheld until proper payment can be made. Furthermore, Mount Street Studios Ltd cannot accept any liability for illness, personal emergencies, weather disruption or partial absences from groups.

The Client must also ensure that they do not leave personal items unattended and that they take all of their belongings with them when they leave the studio, Mount Street Studios Ltd. cannot accept liability for the loss of personal belongings.

Session Musicians

If the Client requires the service of session musicians or backup singers, the studio will try and put the client in touch with session musicians/backup singers that they know. The studio will only do the introduction, and will not discuss rates/dates or any other information with the session musician. This is the client’s responsibility and the client will be responsible for arranging for and paying said musicians or singers, independent of any arrangements through the Studio. The Studio will not be responsible for the failure of such 3rd party session musicians to show up for a session and miss their recording slot.

Vinyl Cutting – Services by Plates Records

Please see information document provided regarding Plates Records products. They offer a no-returns policy on all items. Please see their info document about Vinyl Cutting here: http://tiny.cc/8hsb6y

Breakages, Damages and Cleaning

If you break something during your time in our studio, please tell us. We expect that things will break during normal use and we will replace or repair any of our gear that is not functioning at no charge to you, However, we will hold you responsible for gear that is damaged as a result of obvious recklessness or negligence. Charges will be assessed against the credit card we have on file to secure the booking.


The Client shall abide by the studio’s Code of Conduct, listed below. Disobedience of these rules by the Client or a guest of the Client will be ground for removal of said person or persons from the property, immediate termination of their recording agreement, and the possible loss of future use of the studio. In the event of termination of the recording agreement due to such causes, there will be no refund of monies paid by the Client. The Studio or its representative will have sole right to make such determination.

Code of Conduct


No unnecessary people are allowed in the recording studio during sessions unless agreed upon by studio manager. All individuals in the studio are to respond to the direction of the head engineer, or studio manager. No equipment is to be handled, unless directed by staff.

Food and Beverages

The kitchen is for convenience at no extra charge. The kitchen has a kettle, fridge and microwave. Clients are always permitted to bring their own food and beverages and store them in the kitchen fridge, or clients may order a delivery to the studio. Food and drink is allowed in the studio, but must be kept away from the amps, drum kit, vocal booth, piano, outboard and console. Although food and drinks are allowed in the Control Room, please use them in reasonable quantities. Drinks should be in enclosed containers. Any spills that cause damage to the building or equipment will be to be billed to the Client.


Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the premises. When smoking outdoors, please go onto Mount Street and dispose of cigarette ends there. When leaving and entering the studio, please remember that the main door must be shut at all times. Any theft or damages that occur in a result of the door being left open will be chargeable to the client.

Drugs Policy

We reserve the right to deny access to our premises and equipment to those who are clearly under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Mount Street Studios Ltd operates a zero tolerance policy on drugs. If you are suspected or found to be in possession of drugs on the premises, you will be reported to the police and be asked to leave the studio.


Please help us keep the area neat and orderly. Do not leave food or rubbish around the facilities or in the studio. Please clean up any mess that you make. Place all rubbish in the appropriate containers.

Thank you for reading our Terms and Conditions. Our staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have.